Program Design and Monitoring for Athletic Development | Yannik Morin (CAN)

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Program Design always sounds easy, until you start it!

Using theoretical knowledge about training intensity, volume, adaptation times, regeneration times, periodization, etc. for putting together a daily, weekly or monthly schedule is getting complex when combining all these factors. You need to know the actual state of your athlete’s fitness and rank individual sports specific needs accordingly. Also, you need to set training targets in consultation with the sports specific coach (or needs) and decide proper actions for reaching new goals.

By doing so, you may have some training and competition data from which you can extract valuable information. This can be very helpful when estimating the load and volume your athlete is going to be exposed to by your training plan. Experienced and successful coaches always know what they have done in the past. They document what they do, monitor how this works for the athletes in training and competition and then draft the perfect INDIVIDUAL training plan.

All this means a lot more than only leading through some exercises! This takes an enormous amount of time for preparation and analysis, which noticed very little by all the other staff.

However, you are measured by the performance of your athletes. Therefore, you need to do proper program design and monitoring in the most effective and time efficient way.

Throughout this weekend, you will learn solutions for programming and monitoring athletes of all ages and levels. Coach Yan (Yannik Morin) will share with you an impressive display of science and practice to have the most significant impact and best results.

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